About Us


We deal with all the formalities which a foreigner faces during his stay in Poland. Our team consists of professionals who provide comprehensive and professional support.

We know the current regulations, act in accordance with the law and we do not expose our clients to unnecessary costs.

We provide our services to companies and individuals. Our office is located in Warsaw, but we help people from all over the world. We cooperate with lawyers, employers who hire foreigners and multilingual consultants. We do not refuse to provide support when others claim that nothing can be done.

There are no trivial or hopeless cases for us – we care for the affairs of our clients as if they were ours. Despite our extensive experience and thousands of solved cases, we are still happy with any positive decision. The proof of our commitment is the fact that we have not received a single negative decision from the beginning.

What do we do?

The mission of APATRIS is to provide support in complex legal and administrative procedures.

Thanks to APATRIS you can legalize your stay:

  • temporary residence card,
  • permanent residence card,
  • long term EU resident card
  • obtain Polish citizenship,
  • obtain a work permit in Poland,
  • appeal against a negative decision,
  • withdraw the re-entry ban to Poland.

Our offers

As part of our commitment, we help foreigners who reside in Poland to obtain a Polish Card, permanent residence permit, temporary residence permit or to find an employer.

We deal with procedures related to setting up a company. We provide information on how to get a Visa to Poland. We are perfectly aware about the formalities regarding gathering documents for weddings and divorces.

We contact administrative offices in relation to everyday life in Poland, we can help you to conclude a purchase and sale agreement or exchange a driving license. We represent foreigners before competent administration authorities. We also help in dealing with the formalities necessary to obtain  NIP number or PESEL.

If you find it difficult to understand the current law, you do not know where and what documents you need to submit, if you are afraid of formalities – contact us and we will arrange everything for you! Do not worry that you are not aware of any procedures or current legal norms – our consultants will inform you about changes in the law that are related with your case!