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A temporary residence card in Poland

Temporary residence card is granted to foreigners who plan their stay for a period longer than 3 months. The validity of a temporary residence permit can last for three years, after which time you should apply for an extension of the residence card.

Permanent residence permit

A permanent residence permit is issued for an indefinite period. The permit entitles you to travel to other Schengen Area countries up to 90 days in a 180-day period for tourism purposes. Traveling in the Schengen Area, a foreigner should always have a valid residence card, a valid passport and a health insurance certificate.

Long term EU resident permit

Are you applying for a resident card? A long-term EU resident permit is a document entitling to a long-term stay in Poland. Together with Apatris, we will help you to prepare all the necessary applications, documents or forms.

Appeal against a negative decision

A large number of foreigners in Poland apply for a temporary residence permit, a permanent residence permit or a long-term EU resident permit.

Withdrawal of the entry ban to Poland

Any foreigner staying on the basis of a Schengen Visa or a national Visa in the Republic of Poland is obliged to leave the country before the expiry of the Visa or temporary residence permit.


You are obliged to leave Poland before the expiry date of the stay, to which you are entitled on the basis of a National Visa, Schengen Visa or a temporary residence permit.

Permission for employing in Poland

If you have a Visa or a temporary residence permit, you can work legally in Poland. If you want to obtain a permit, you should have a Visa which has to be issued for tourist purposes, use of temporary protection, participation in asylum proceedings, arrival for humanitarian reasons, state interest or international obligations.


Citizenship can be understood as a permanent legal bond between a person and a state. In practice, this means that the person has rights and obligations towards the state and vice versa.

Registration of residence

If you are staying in Poland, you must register. This means registering your place of residence. This procedure is carried out in the district office of a specific city competent for the place of foreigner’s residence. It is free of charge and the registration is received immediately.

Marriages and divorces

In Poland, it is possible to marry in the Civil Registry Office or a temple such as a church, but a marriage is recognized as valid only if it is registered in the Civil Registry Office.