Temporary residence card

 A temporary residence card in Poland – basic information

Temporary residence card is granted to foreigners who plan their stay for a period longer than 3 months. The validity of a temporary residence permit can last for three years, after which time you should apply for an extension of the residence card. If the foreigner plans to stay in the country for a shorter time, the validity of the document may be shortened. An application for granting a temporary residence permit should be submitted in person, no later than on the last day of legal residence. The residence card is issued at the Voivodeship Office (Urząd)  in the Department for foreigners by the Voivode who allows the stay. If the application does not contain any formal defects, the Voivode places a stamp on the travel document of the foreigner confirming the submission of the application for a temporary residence permit. This stamp legalizes the foreigner’s stay in Poland until the day the decision on the residence card is issued.

Temporary residence card – benefits

Temporary residence card allows you to leave the country without having a visa. Thanks to the annotation on the card “Access to the labor market”, it is also possible to work in Poland without having a specific work permit. A fee of PLN 440 should be paid for the case consideration, and PLN 50 for issuing a residence card (students of upper secondary and higher schools pay a fee of PLN 25).

Withdrawal of a temporary residence permit – obligation to leave Poland

A residence permit may be withdrawn if:

  • the purpose of the stay has not been realized,
  • the foreigner does not meet the indicated conditions,
  • the application contains false data of the foreigner,
  • a person cannot stay in the country due to the safety threat of citizens,
  • the person should be in the hospital, but he does not agree to the treatment,
  • a decision was made regarding return obligation, but the foreigner did not cover the costs of the case.

Each foreigner is obliged to leave Poland within 30 days from the decision on negative decision or withdrawal of a temporary residence permit (if he / she does not have another temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit or long-term  EU resident permit).