Work permit in Poland

Work permit for a foreigner – what you should know about it

A work permit is a document that determines the legality of work undertaken by a foreigner in Poland. Undertaking work in accordance with the law should be an important issue for both employee and employer.

Any foreigner who comes to the country to work, should first of all take care of the legality of his stay. On the other hand, the obligation of an employer who hires a foreigner is to apply for a permit  for foreigner to work in Poland.

There are 5 types of work permits (type A, B, C, D, E). The most frequently used are A-type work permits, which apply to persons working in Poland on the basis of an agreement with an employer whose registered office is located on the territory of Poland.

From 1 January 2018, the application form for a work permit and the application for extending the validity period of the document has changed. The application, which will be submitted in the wrong form or will not be filled out in accordance with the instructions, will not be considered.

Work permit in Poland – when it is not required

The obligation to get for a work permit does not apply to foreigners who:

  • has a permanent residence permit on the territory of Poland or a long-term EU resident permit,
  • has a place of stay for a definite period in connection with study or work in Poland,
  • is a spouse of a polish citizen and have a temporary residence permit,
  • does professional internships and participate in educational exchange programs,
  • is graduated of Polish high schools or full-time university studies,
  • has a valid Polish Card,
  • is a member of a foster family for a foreigner up to the age of 21.
  • has international protection and have refugee status,
  • is a citizen of the EU member countries,
  • received permission for tolerated stay,

Work permit – duration

The work permit in Poland is issued for up to three years period. After the expiry of the validity period, the document may be extended. When a foreigner has a management position in a company that has more than 25 people, the permit may be issued for a period up to five years.